JDS Photography is James and Daniel Smith, two Yorkshire brothers with a passion for photography and the outdoors. Born in Whitby, childhoods were spent walking and cycling around North Yorkshire as well as weekend family trips around the country usually including a bike race or two. 
We both had cameras whilst growing up, we took pictures of everything from family portraits, landscapes to bike races and used anything and everything from disposable cameras, Polaroid, compact, eventually leading to SLR and then DSLR. 
We now both shoot with Nikon and use a selection of zoom and prim lenses to capture any occasion. 
Now based from Lincoln my photography focuses around capturing true and honest moments through portraiture and wedding photography. 
When not busy with family life or portrait/wedding work I love to get outdoors usually with camera in hand. When possible and the conditions are right I love to pop out for a spot of night photography!
Currently working in Vienna with a house in Slovenia and having spent most of my adult life in Italy I'm still getting out and about as I always have in the mountains. 
My photography is simply an extension of my love of being outdoors and relies heavily on being in beautiful places over any knowledge or skill. 
Only in the last couple of years has it occurred to me that you don't have to go everywhere at full speed and the camera helps me slow down and enjoy the quieter moments in the hills.
Thank you for visiting JDS Photography.
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