Whilst I love a big landscapes, especially when combined with good company, coffee and nice weather, there is no doubt that living in Lincolnshire I am forced to look at the more intimate landscape for my day to day photography. One of the perfect environments to explore this is in woodland photography. Trying to find compositions in what many see as chaos is often challenging but also very rewarding.

Spending time in the woods can be totally captivating as well as being good for our mental, physical and social wellbeing.  The sounds of birdsong and the wind rustling the leaves can hardly fail to allow us step back from our busy, everyday lives. With the seasons ever changing, the palette of colours frequently evolving, every visit to a woodland is like a new experience.

Woodland photography is a passion of mine and I really want to share that joy with everyone so that you can also enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits whilst improving your photography skills.

If you are interested in joining me in a local woodland walk get in touch and let’s explore.
Thank you!
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