Bivacco G. Bianchi, Friuli Venezia Giulia Turismo
Another Smith get together over the summer and another hike out to see if we can catch a nice sunset.
We parked up on the road to Rif. Vualt and headed up the 428a toward Bivacco G. Bianchi and on to Forc. Chiavals kitted out with food, water, tent, tripods and cameras. With the clear weather there was hope to try and get some night shots.  
Unfortunately the sunset was spoilt by low cloud coming in. After food and drink we decided to head in to get an early night in the hope the clouds would clear for some night photography.
In the early hours we looked out of the tent and thankfully most of the cloud had disappeared. Camera equipment out and the next hour was spent staring into the night sky taking pictures. The clear night meant we could see the Milky Way. 
The following day we headed along the 425 to Forc.della Pecora and then Forc. Forchiadice and continued down the 425 toward Rif. Vualt before heading back to the car.
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