Norton Big Wood
​​​​​​​I have driven past these woods countless times and always thought I really should pop in to explore this area. 
On my way to collect the little one after an afternoon spent walking around a different woodland, I decided to pull up and have a quick mosey. Straight out of the car I was greeted with an ancient woodland full of mature oak trees. After a quick wander I decided this was a must to visit again soon.
Bizarrely when I checked the forecast that evening I noticed that fog was expected early the next day. With that in mind I packed up my kit ready to make a quick departure early the next morning.
It is only a short drive from my house to Norton Big Wood and it was thick fog all the way. Parked up and rucksack on, this woodland was full of wildlife. With woodpeckers to be seen and buzzards flying through the trees I knew this was going to be a productive outing.
Having only ever visited for a quick scout the evening before, I set off aimlessly looking for compositions. As with many of my walks I soon developed a theme for my photos. The moss on the trees was vibrant and really stood out against the bark on the trees. With the fog creating wonderful separation and the morning light just starting to creep through it wasn’t long before I was taking photos.
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