With the opportunity to pop by Whitby before heading to Scarborough I checked the forecast and set off.  The forecast looked OK for Whitby that night, but the weather on the way up the A1 was not pleasant, torrential rain most of the way and then as soon as I hit the North Yorkshire Moors, I was driving in the thickest fog I had seen for quite sometime. 
Thankfully as soon as I dropped down into Sleights I was out of the fog and headed to Whitby.  Parked up, I wondered down the the pier and with the tide out and I wondered down the slipway to take my first photo.

With it being a Saturday night, town was still busy so I decided to pop up to the Abbey to see if I can find some new compositions. 

Whilst walking up to the Abbey you pass Abbey House and with the alternating floor lights along the path it seemed rude not to take a quick picture. 

Having lived in Whitby for many years I have a fair few photos of the Abbey but none at night that are different from the rest. So passing Whitby brewery I followed the high stone wall that surrounds the Abbey. The following shot was with the camera propped on top of the wall with a Nikon 20mm 1.8 Lens with an 8 second exposure. 

A quick snap of the bottom of the iconic 199 steps. 

With a couple of nice shots done, I decided to head back to the car  before the rain started. Left is a shot looking over the the East Side from East Terrace. 
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